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Dinosaur Species

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Bullet T-Rex
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Bullet Pterodactyls

Dinosaur Valley Footprints

Two locations, besides others, have distinct traces of dinosaur factoid writ large on the land to be referred to as Dinosaur Valley.

Dinosaur Valley in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada that also houses the Royal Tyrrell Museum, is the principal location for dinosaur artifacts and archeology. Located in a unique valley of hoodoos and badlands its a must-visit for all dinosaur enthusiasts.

Dinosaur Valley of Glen Rose, Texas, US is rated as a must see for all dinosaur followers. You can see here dinosaur tracks along with wildlife of today. But 113 million years ago, Glen Rose was home to many different species of dinosaurs who have left their tracks throughout the place.

Verily known as the Dinosaur Capitol of Texas, Glen Rose is well known as Dinosaur Valley that attracts visitors to trail their feet in the world-renowned dinosaur footprints in the Paluxy riverbed.

The trackway dates to the Cretaceous period 113 million years ago, and is an important clue for pale ontological theories about how and where dinosaurs walked. Since the riverbed tracks are only visible when the water is low, a replica in the park's exhibit is also available for viewing.