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Interesting Triassic Period Facts

The Triassic period was the time when the earth went through sea changes and so the Flora and Fauna. The beginning of this period witnessed the largest extinction ever happened. About the causes still unknown with somewhat speculations the scientists believe to be the result of a cooling of the world or volcanic eruptions together with poisonous gases or may be the results of the movement of continents together. About 95% of the species disappeared from this earth forever and new forms of species appeared.

The beginning of Triassic period had no dinosaur only reptiles and amphibians. During the late Triassic period the early dinosaurs became extinct and some adapted to the changing atmosphere and some developed further in the Jurassic Period.

The late Triassic period witnessed some of the dinosaurs like Coeophysis. It was 1to 3 meters long weighing about 30kg. The double hinged lower jaw and lots of small sharp teeth signify that they were carnivorous. The next in the line was Plateosaurus a nine meter long and four meters tall herbivorous animal weighing about 4 tones. There were few more like Anchisaur and melanorosaurs, prosauropod and early sauropod. The late Triassic period marked the beginning of the “age of dinosaurs” which further developed in the Jurassic Period.

The Beginning of the Age of Dinosaurs

The Beginning of the Age of Dinosaurs Faunal Change across the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary
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Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Dawn of the Dinosaurs The Triassic in Petrified Forest
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