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Tyrannosaurus Rex was a gigantic carnivorous dinosaur existed during the Cretaceous period around 75 million years ago. The Fossils of T. Rex have been found in parts of North America and Mongolia. The T-rex dinosaur was one of the most remarkable creatures that have walked on the earth. The name Tyrannosaurus Rex means "King of the tyrant lizards” and is true to its enormous body size. These dinosaurs lived in a humid, semi-tropical environment. They found conducive to live in coastal-forested swamps and open forests with nearby rivers. The first ever-complete T-Rex skeleton was unearthed in 1902, which paved the way for the further studies, which revealed many facts about dinosaur till date.

T-Rex was a ferocious predator, which walked on two legs and had massive head, with well-developed jaw-muscles and replaceable teeth. This dinosaur had short and muscular head with a sturdy body but with hollow bones. The enormous skull was about 5 feet. It had little arms with two fingers. The feet were like those of the birds, which had three large toes with well-equipped claws. The tail was tapering toward the end, which helped in balancing and helped in taking quick turns while running. This huge animal when existed must have been the amazing creature on the earth. Acts online. This detailed information about dinosaurs is always available in the internet.

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