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Dinosaur Species

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One of the species of dromaeosaurs, which later came to be known as the raptors (shortened name for Velociraptor) were the most interesting extinct creatures ever lived on this earth. They were existed dating back to approximately 83 to 70 million years ago. This is the only known and currently recognized species, which existed during the later part of the Cretaceous period. The fossils of this species found in both inner and outer Mongolia and Central Asia.

They were smaller as compared to other Dromaeosaurids but had some of the same anatomical features. The turkey-sized Velociraptor was a bipedal and carnivorous with a stiff tail tapering towards the end. It had a large sickle-shaped claw on each hind foot, which was supposed to have used for killing preys. The most distinguishable feature, which separated Velociraptors from other Dromaeosaurids, was their long and low skull and overturned snout. These raptors with muscular toothy jaws and well-equipped jaws had very strong reflexes. After the revelation of this species it has been considered that raptors are active and fierce predators. The moment it has been discovered, it has revolutionized the views of modern paleontologists regarding the metabolism of dinosaur and origin of birds.

The Velociraptor was portrayed in the motion picture Jurassic Park that made it the most famous dinosaur genera for general public.


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