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Dinosaur Species

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Information on Pterodactyls

Pterodactyls are classified as pterosaurs as they do not have upright stance like Dinosaur. They are actually not considered as dinosaur but because they are classified as reptiles make them closely related to dinosaurs. They are believed to have lived about 144 to 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. They were the flying reptiles and the primitive Pterodactyls had wingspan of few inches whereas the Pterodactyls developed at later stage had wingspan of around not less than 40 feet. The body had very light hollow bones and leathery wings. The good eyesight helped the pterodactyls helped them to find food. They were carnivorous and survived on fish and other animals from the ocean.

They must have thrived on the land as well. They had small bodies with long skulls and curved necks and large brains. Some of the pterodactyls had short tails and lightweight body head crust while other had no tails and no lightweight body head crust. The crest supposed to have acted to possess sexual characteristic or acted as a rudder for flying. The body of some pterodactyls had fur.

The dwelling place of the pterodactyls was found to be in many parts of the world and existed for millions of years before they disappeared from this earth.