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Dinosaur Species

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Best Dinosaur Museums

Dinosaurs walked the earth millions of years ago. Their disappearance remains a subject of scrutiny and debate. No one is immune from the fascination of these magnificent animals, which is why there are some wonderful museums offering glimpses of the evolution of these mysterious creatures.

Here is a list of museums with some of the best dinosaur exhibits in the world.
  • American Museum of Natural History, New York - US
  • Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, Alberta – Canada
  • National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC – US
  • Natural History Museum, London – UK
  • Peabody Museum of Natural History, Connecticut – US
  • Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pennsylvania – US
  • The Field Museum of Natural History, Illinois – US
  • The Academy of Natural Sciences, Pennsylvania – US
  • The Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology, New Mexico – US
  • Natural History Museum of L.A. County, California, US  
These are world-class dinosaur museums, with interpretive displays, dioramas and life-size dinosaur mounts. Some of them offer hands-on interaction, making them perfect places to learn about your favorite dinosaurs.

They also have robotic models of certain species along with several real bones plus cast skeleton displays. These museums attract much attention for their permanent exhibits. Just a walk-through them is like a time-machine experience allowing visitors to journey through prehistoric times.