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Information About Dinosaurs From Jurassic Period

The Jurassic period began with the end of Triassic period, which lasted around 30 million years. The Jurassic period witnessed the great upheaval going on, on the earth crust. This period was the time when reptiles were the dominant figures and so this age is also known as the “Age of Dinosaur”. The dinosaurs of Jurassic period were different from other periods and they were in great variety. The mammals were rat-sized; the sea was full of marine reptiles. The forest was covered with trees like gingko trees, cycads, conifers and ferns. This is not all, the first ever species of birds came into being in this period only. The largest herbivorous and carnivorous Dinosaurs evolved during this period.

Allosaurus also known as different lizard was the biggest meat-eater of the Jurassic period. The Allosauras measured about 40 feet long and was feared by other dinosaurs in this period. Another dinosaur found during the Jurassic period was the Apatosaurus, which was formerly called Brontosaurus. It was a herbivorous dinosaur that measured between 70 and 90 feet, but its head was too small as compared to the colossal body. Archaeopteryx. The early-known bird had many characteristics similar to that of dinosaurs. Compsognathus was the smallest dinosaur of the size of a chicken was found in this period. This dinosaur Diplodocus was 90 feet long, and found to be one of the longest land animals. Mamenchisaurus was an amazing looking dinosaur with the longest neck measuring 46 feet. This distinctive feature of Mamenchisaurus made it different from other dinosaurs Stegosaurus existed during the late Jurassic period had a gargantuan body of a three-ton but the brain of the size of walnut.

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