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Dinosaur Species

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Dinosaur Extinction Facts

Facts about the extinction of dinosaurs gives us an idea on how dinosaurs become extinct 65 million years ago. Archeologist and paleontologists debated over the decades on what caused this mass extinction, and dinosaur extinction facts are not final. They are all subject to further investigation.

Information on the extinction of dinosaurs includes asteroid collisions, multiple collisions and environmental factors. One fact about the extinction of dinosaurs is by a massive volcanic eruption of a super volcano. This fact about dinosaur extinction tells us that a super eruption engulfed the earth with sulfur dioxide, blanketing the earth’s surface. This cloud of gas blocked the sun’s heat and light from entering the earth’s surface. Because of this, the temperature of the earth plummeted. Thus, it killed all living creatures during that time.

There are many facts on dinosaur extinction that you can peruse. You can also visit the internet for a complete resource of Facts about Dinosaur extinction.

The Evolution and Extinction

The Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs
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To the Study of Dinosaurs

To the Study of Dinosaurs
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