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Dinosaur Species

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Brontosaurus (thunder lizard) which is now known as Apatosaurus (deceptive lizard) existed 150 million years ago. It was discovered in 1874. They were the most famous and much recognized of the entire dinosaur species. But in 1903 scientists revealed this fact that the Fossils of Brontosaurus were none other than the already discovered dinosaur, known as Apatosaurus They were the creatures who could grow 80 feet long and can weigh 35 tons. This dinosaur with colossal body had head 2feet long and a tiny brain. This herbivorous animal had long neck; whip like tail, peg-like teeth in the front of the jaws. A hollow backbone and four huge column like legs. The eyes and nostrils were located on top of head. The Fossils of the Brontosaurus have been found in Western North America in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.

The startling fact about brontosaurus was its digestion. It never chewed its food like leaves and whole vegetation. They used to swallow stones (gastroliths), which helped them to pulverize even the toughest plant matter in their digestive systems. May be conifers was the main food of Brontosaurus which were supposed to be the dominant plant. Other food sources may have included horsetails, club mosses, seed ferns, bennettitaleans, fern, gingkos and cycads.

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