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Dinosaur Species

Bullet Raptors
Bullet T-Rex
Bullet Brontosaurus
Bullet Stegosaurus
Bullet Pterodactyls

The Most Common Dinosaurs

People only knew that the T-rex is one of the most popular dinosaurs that are known, but there are other types of dinosaurs in our records. To be able to know the most common dinosaurs that existed in our planet, we can read books about archeology and paleontology, which tells their story.

Names of most common dinosaurs are classified into two orders: Saurischia and Ornithischia. The former were the types of dinosaurs that walked the surface of the earth. They had hip joints that allowed them to walk. The latter has bird joints that enabled them to fly. The T-rexes are among the most common dinosaurs belonging to the former, and the Archaeopteryx is a perfect example of the latter.

Facts about most common dinosaurs can be found on the internet. They have extensive details and information about them. Pictures of most common dinosaurs are also included there so that you have at least an idea of what they look like.